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HSC Policy 

⚙ Our company aims to achieve the highest standards of safety for employees and those affected by its activities.
⚙ Our organization implements, promotes, and maintains a system in accordance with ISO/OHSAS to achieve safety standards.
⚙ Our company creates awareness of Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) needs on a continuous basis.
⚙ Our organization develops and implements a training program in safe work practices to ensure safety.
⚙ Our company communicates at every level of the organization and with clients to protect employees, who are considered the most valuable assets.
⚙ Our organization provides a safe and occupationally healthy workplace free from all recognized hazards.
⚙ Our company ensures that recognized hazards do not cause serious injury to employees or damage the plant machinery.
⚙ Our policy is reviewed at defined intervals to ensure its suitability and effectiveness for the required operations.

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